Shipham - The Heritage

Shipham Valves was established in 1798 as a brass foundry supplying various products such as brass valves, cocks, gauges, whistles and even bells to the sizeable local fishing and commercial shipping fleet that was based on the Humber River.  During the 1930’s Shipham were invited by the British Ministry of Defence to engage in the wider manufacture of valves for naval vessels in materials such as gunmetal and bronze.  

The expertise gained over the next four decades was expanded in the 1970’s into the offshore oil and gas industry and other process applications requiring exotic alloy materials for handling corrosive fluids.

Years of development in products, mate­­rials, design and quality won Shipham Valves international recognition in 2005 receiving a Queens Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category after raising the level of exports by 275% over the preceding three year period. 

The process of product development and use of new advanced materials continues such that today Shipham offers the most diverse range of valves by type, material, and size, of any single valve manufacturer in the world.