Design Standards

Each valve has its own unique technical file which contains every element from design concept to 3D modelling, calculations, FEA and validation test data.  

The designs have been modeled and simulated using Magmasoft software to evaluate flow and solidification characteristics during the casting process to ensure optimum and consistent integrity of the castings.

It was essential to ensure that we worked to the latest revisions of the industry design standards such as API 600/603 for gate valves, API 623 for globe valves and so on whilst incorporating the concepts of design for manufacture and value engineering. 

Product TypeDesign Standards
Gate ValveAPI 603 & API 600
Globe ValveAPI 623
Swing Check ValveAPI 594 Type B / BS 1868
Ball - FloatingISO17292
Ball - TrunnionAPI 6D
Wafer CheckAPI 594
Butterfly ValveAPI 609 Cat B