AVT Composite Full Port Ball Valves

Ball Valves - Corrosion resistant,firesafe (optional) full port ball valves

Operator Design
Corrosion resistant, lightweight, lockable levers are offered for all Ball Valves up to 150mm (6 inch). Standard gearboxes can be fitted onto the valve.

Any standard actuator can be fitted including ancillary equipment such as switch boxes, solenoids, beacon indicators, etc.

Standard Mounting Pad
ISO mounting for actuation.

Gland Packing
Energised chevron. ‘O’ ring seal.

Blow-out proof design, non wetted composite shaft with Hastelloy® C-276 core as standard. Titanium and 316 stainless steel materials are optional - either encapsulated or bare metal.

Seating System
Bubble tight sealing. Available in Super PTFE TFM or Virgin PTFE seats. Options include glass filled PTFE, carbonfilled PTFE or PEEK.

Full Port
For maximum flow rate. 

Firesafe option
AVT ball valves are available in a firesafe option with an intumescent paint coating.

Design Features
AVT offer two gland packing options  

"O" ring system - Multi Viton "O" ring shaft seals for multi-cycle maintenance free use and low operating torque.

Chevron Stuffing Box System - PTFE chevron packing combination stem sealing system with energiser. A parallel “O” ring backup. A parallel motion adjuster applies even pressure on the chevron pack for simpler and quicker adjustment.

Part Material
Body & Ball AVT 530 / AVT 520
Shaft Option 316 SS, Titanium Grade 5, Hastelloy®, Monel®, Duplex, Super Duplex
Elastomer Option TFM, Viton A, Viton B, EDPM, Nitrile NBR
Seat TFM

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