AVT Composite Wafer Check Valves

Wafer Check Valves - Corrosion resistant, two piece, fully composite with integral hinge and no metallic parts

Designed for maximum strength and ruggedness, Shipham AVT check valves are designed to be gravity operated, although in instances where spring assistance is required, this can be accommodated using Inconel® X750 springs.

Full Flange Face Body 
Shipham AVT Wafer Check Valves have a full face body which is supplied “through drilled” with clearance holes for bolting. The valve can be used with Metallic or composite flanges and do not require the use of special heavy duty GRE flanges. They can be used as a direct replacement for similar valves designed to API 594, Type A, class 150#. Most flange drilling can be accommodated.

Disc / Seat Design
Designed to have a minimum of parts the Shipham AVT Wafer Check Valve has a one-piece integral disc and hinge. For general service, the valve will have “hard seat” (composite to composite sealing) and sealing is to API 598. Where a higher integrity seal, or where a soft seat is required for quieter operation, this can be accommodated using elastomer seals.

Part Material
Body, Disc & Hinge AVT530 / AVT520
Spring Option Inconel® X750
Elastomer Option TFM, Viton A, Viton B, EDPM, Nitrile NBR

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