Chemical Resistance Guide

Shipham Valves’ range of Ball, Butterfly and Wafer Check Valves are suitable for use in harsh environments and for the applications as listed below, and up to the maximum recommended temperatures and pressures.

The guide covers the main chemical resistance properties of the specially formulated materials used in Shipham AVT products (AVT530 and AVT520).

AVT 530 is a specially formulated bisphenol A based aromatic amine cured, glass reinforced Epoxy Resin System with a wide chemical resistance. This material gives the highest pressure resistance available.

AVT 520 is a specifically formulated modified aromatic amine cured, glass reinforced Novolac Epoxy Resin System and has an enhanced chemical resistance profile to AVT 530 and with a generally higher temperature range.

This data is based on specific concentrations of chemicals at stated temperatures and has been extracted from several sources including controlled laboratory tests, field experience and historical performance, chemical structure and supplier’s data.

It should be noted that media containing suspended solids and / or variations from the temperature, concentration, or combinations of materials might offer synergistic effects to the detriment of the valve.

This guide has been developed to assist designers in the application and selection of corrosion resistant products manufactured by Shipham AVT. The final determination of the suitability of any Shipham AVT product for the application under consideration is the sole responsibility of the customer or their advisors.

Where, in the guide, no mention of any specific chemical or combination of chemicals is made, or where the actual operating conditions of the application are near, at, or in excess of the indicated temperatures or concentrations stated, reference to Shipham AVT, or Shipham AVT’s authorised distributor, is recommended.

The information provided is believed to be accurate, but it is intended as a guide only and reference should always be made to Shipham Valves Technical Department (contact via ) for further guidance and for confirmation that our valves are suitable for the intended purpose, or for applications not listed.

Shipham Valves make no warranties, expressed or implied, and assume no liability in connection with any use to which it is put.

Media Names MediaConTemp°C Temp°F AVT 520AVT 530
Acetic AcidCH3C0.0H25%66150AB
Ammonium Hydroxide NH40H15%66150A
DEI0N H20 H20100%93200AA
Hydrochloric AcidHCI20%93 200BC
Hydrochloric AcidHCI37%38 100BC
Hydrogen PeroxideH20210%66150AB
Methanol, MEOHCH04100%38100BD
Nitric AcidHN035%66150AB
Phosphoric AcidH3P0425%66150AA
Sodium HydroxideNA0H100%93200DD
Sodium HypochloriteNA0CI13.5%38100BC
Sulphuric AcidH2S0425%93200BD
Water - Bilge100%100212AA
Water - Ballast100%100212AA
Water - Chlorinated100ppm100212AA
Water - Chlorinated Brine6500ppm 60140AA
Water - Demineralised100%100212AA
Water - Deionised100%100212AA
Water - Distilled100%100212AA
Water - Fresh100%100212AA
Water - Sea100%100212AA
Water - Salt100%100212AA
Water - Treated100%100212AA

A - Excellent

B - Good, possibly limited temperature

C - Fair. Limitations apply, not for continuous use

D - Not recommended

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